To say that we live in our living rooms would be realistic. It’s where we sit and talk, watch the telly, drink wine, and even gobble up dinner at times. Looking at the same old decor can be boring even to you over time. You will feel the itch to give the room a makeover and jazz it up a bit.

But the budget is something that stops a lot of us from indulging in our interior designing plans. It’s not always possible to spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on redesigning a single room, right?

Does that mean the living room has to be the same? Of course not. We’ve got something to cheer you up. Yeah, we have compiled a few budget-friendly living room makeover ideas. You don’t need to spend much money to try any of these. In fact, some of the ideas don’t cost anything. Cool!

Rearrange the Furniture

Believe it or not, rearranging the furniture can make a lot of difference. If the room feels too cluttered, it’s time to remove a couple of items and move them elsewhere. From the centre of the room, the coffee table can probably go to a side. Push the sofa to the corner. Angle the chairs towards the window. There is so much you can try. And once you finally like a layout, see if you need to add anything new. Try to buy it online or from a discounted store. Simple, isn’t it?

Focus on One Wall 

You don’t need to colour all the walls or change the wallpaper for each one in the living room to give it a new look. Pick one wall and put your energies into revamping that one. The trick here is choosing the right wall. The one behind the fireplace would definitely look great in a new avatar. So what do you then? Anything. Yes, anything. Pick wallpaper in a contrasting pattern. Remove the existing one and paint the wall in a neutral colour. Draw a mural on it. Give wings to your imagination.

House Plants and Succulents for Greenery 

You can rarely go wrong with plants. These beauties bring such freshness and colour into homes that they can lighten up any room. If you already have a love for plants, let your living room be a reflection of it. Bring in a couple (or more) of potted house plants and arrange them in the living room. If the place feels too stuffy, you can opt for succulent pots. Line them up on the mantel or on the window sill.

Arrange Your Collections 

Do you have any collections you are proud of? It could be dried flowers or seashells. Bring them out and display them in the living room. You can pick a shelf to a side and arrange your collections in neat rows. You can even create a theme around the collections and match the rest of the room to suit it.

Curtains and Cushions for Some Colour 

The simplest way to bring colour to the living is room is by changing the curtains and throwing cushions on the bare sofa. If you are like us, you can go ahead all include a quilt as well. Drape it on the back or spread it on the seat and let the cushions tumble all over it. The idea here is to pick a theme colour that is currently not seen in your living room. For example, if the room is in neutral colours, curtains in bright shades like red, yellow, blue, green, and purple will glam up the living room. The same goes for cushions.

Multipurpose Living Room 

We’re working from home now, and it might continue for a while. Why not turn the living room into a workspace as well. Yeah, it doesn’t suit every home, especially if you have little kids running around. But a multipurpose living room is a great idea. Bring in a small desk, table lamp, and your favourite chair and set it by the window. If you are an artist, inspiration might strike here better than in a closed room.

Seasonal Themes for Decor 

Are you a Nature lover? Do you love how Nature changes over the year and it doesn’t ever get boring? Well, the theme for your living room makeover hardly needs any thought. Let the seasons decide. In winters, you can have woody living rooms with pine cones and Christmas trees. Bring in the autumn colours and paint the furniture to suit the shades of spring. Let Nature inspire you.


There are many other ways to give your living room a makeover without burning a hole in your pocket. But first, raid the attic and find some hidden treasures.