DIYs are famous for a reason. When you are bored and have nothing left to do, a Do-It-Yourself project is usually a lifesaver. Boredom is no less threatening, right? But what if you don’t want to go out and buy things for the DIY project? The pandemic last year has resulted in a lockdown where people had to stay inside their homes for days together.

Things haven’t gotten back to normal yet. So let’s be wise about time and energies and do something that’ll make us smile.

We’ve come across some great DIY ideas where you use things you already have at home. The overflowing drawers, cupboards, and stuffy attic are treasure troves. Raid them and collect the ones that catch your fancy. You can give your home a nice makeover. Also, you can work towards your reusing and repurposing goals and become more conscious about what you buy. The environment needs to be protected, too, remember?

There’s no reason to say no to fun projects anymore.

Let’s start learning the Great DIY Ideas

Painted Cutlery and Keys

Let’s first make it clear that you won’t be painting the whole set. We don’t want you to end up being poisoned. The big idea here is to add a touch of colour to the plain spoons and forks that lie idle on the shelves. Take a couple of nail paint colours and paint the handle of the spoons. This is a cool way to practice nail art. *wink*

You can colour the keys the same way, and there’s an advantage to doing this. Colour-code the keys so that you know where the key belongs. There would be no wondering about a mysterious key in the house anymore.

Art Gallery at Home

You can turn your home into an art gallery. And no, there is no need to buy paintings worth thousands. You can change the frames of the existing art pieces or simply colour them. We are sure you have some special drawings safely hidden in the drawers. Take them out, frame them, and hang the frames on the wall. A wall hook and hammer are all you need.

Clothespin Crafts

Let your imagination run wild. You can use clothespins in various ways to either create a decorative item for your home or a set of toys for your kids to play with. You can make dinosaurs, ballerinas, clouds, and other characters using clothespins. You just need some craft paper and coloured pens. In fact, you can even paint directly on the clothespins and line them up on a string. That should be interesting, right?

Promotional Magnets and Magnetic Strips

If you are a craft lover, you are bound to have a couple of magnetic strips in your supply. Carve them into shapes and stick them to the fridge. Make magnetic turtles or create an alphabet and number game for your kids. If you like to doodle, stick it on the magnetic strip and put it where everyone can see it.

Corrupted CDs and DVDs

Don’t we all have corrupted and scratched CDs and DVDs? Why throw them when you can use these to create different items? Well, have you tried the CD dreamcatcher? A bit of yarn, some glue, and a few beads can turn your waste CD into a lovely dreamcatcher. You can also make a pendulum from a CD and hand it down the clock. Let it swing in the breeze. How about breaking the CDs and creating a mosaic plate or a coaster?

Food and Cosmetic Jars

We are talking about those little jars that look super cute but aren’t too helpful for storing any in decent quantities. You don’t have to throw them away, even if they are in different sizes and shapes. Fill them up with glitter and place those tiny candles on the top. Arrange them on the shelf or the table. You can also make snow and glitter globes using these jars. Wouldn’t they look adorable sitting on the living room shelf?

Wine Corks

Don’t throw away the corks, guys. These are versatile craft items and can be a part of numerous DIY projects. You can have cork magnets of men and women dancing on the fridge. Gather as many corks as you can and make a bathmat out of them. Yeah, you might have to get some from your neighbours, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Old Jeans

Even your old denim can be used in the craft. From tiny coin purses and key chains to fruit baskets and penholders, give your denim a new lease of life.


There’s no limit to creativity for DIY projects using items you already have at home. Anything can be used. You just need to think differently and go for it.