Summer is the perfect time to savour the outdoor space and enjoy the fresh air. That is why you need to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful retreat. Whether you are redesigning your outdoor space or sprucing up your patio, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash. With a little creativity, you can find DIY garden ideas to brighten up your garden. If you are looking for inspiration, here are simple DIY ideas that will transform your garden from property expert Ray Brosnan, the owner of  Brosnan Property Solutions:

1. DIY Garden Furniture

While outdoor furniture is from durable materials that can withstand weather elements, they take a beating from the sun and snow over the years. Instead of splurging on new furniture, try a few DIY fixes to revamp the existing pieces. A vibrant paint can revive your outdoor furniture and give your garden some personality. You can go for a cohesive and sophisticated look by using colours that blend with other outdoor elements. Contrasting shades can also create a fun outdoor space.

If the outdoor furniture is too old to revive, you’ll need new pieces in your garden. Buying patio furniture is expensive, but you can build simple DIY furniture that meets your backyard needs. Start by building a comfortable bench using wooden planks or design a picnic table for outdoor eating. Building your outdoor furniture will also require cheap materials available locally. Fortunately, there are many DIY videos online to help you design the outdoor furniture you need.

2. Introduce Outdoor Lighting

Garden lighting allows you to create enchanting settings for outdoor dinners and enjoying pleasant moments. While you can buy expensive outdoor lights to recreate a beautiful outdoor space, DIY lighting ideas can lower your budget while creating an entertaining outdoor space. Here are some ideas:

• Use string and globe lights to light up your patio. They create the perfect backyard party lighting, and you can easily hang the string lights on the walls, tree branches, wooden poles or buckets.

• If you have Mason jars in the house, use them to make beautiful lanterns for backyard lighting. You can make decorative Mason jar lanterns by adding botanical clippings and essential oils to repel mosquitos. Arrange the Mason jar lanterns around sitting areas or hang them along the walls to create a gorgeous and rustic look.

• Create outdoor pendant lights using repurposed baskets to transform your outdoor space. Using baskets as centrepieces for outdoor dining or decorating pendant lights will create a visually pleasing outdoor setting.

3. Find Unique Garden Planters

Plants and flowers are essential garden features that can transform your outdoor space into a colourful oasis. Instead of planting flowers around your garden, look for unique containers and pots to plant the flowers. You can find affordable hanging baskets and pots to hang around the walls or along the pathways. If you have old tins around your yard, repurpose them into planters and paint them into decorative pieces. You can also punch holes to create beautiful patterns that will look pretty along the walls.

Old tyres are also popular budget-friendly garden planters. You can plant flowers in the old tires to create beautiful centrepieces around your patio. Get creative with the bloom and foliage you add to ensure the displays create a cohesive look around the garden. A coat of vibrant paint will also add a refreshing feeling to your outdoor space.

garden path

4. Create a Garden Walkway or Path

Design a path around your garden to help visitors navigate the outdoor space. While landscaping and paving your paths with concrete slabs and gravel can be costly, there are creative ways to make a walkway. With a few stones, bricks and gravel, you can design a beautiful path to direct people around your outdoor area. Gravel can also create a beautiful surface for outdoor seating nooks. Besides, they are available in various colours that will look stylish. Instead of gravel, find large stones to spread around the walkways. Intersperse the stones with large swaths of grass to minimise the materials you need.

If you don’t want hard landscaping materials, go for a natural walkway. Create a grass path by mowing the grass along the walkways and plant flowers to demarcate the paths.

5. Design a Garden Bed

Vegetables and berries can transform your outdoor space and introduce beautiful scents. If you do not grow vegetables, summer is the perfect time to start planting. A raised garden bed makes it easier to plant and tend to your vegetables. Use your old drawers, window frames, wooden pallets or concrete blocks to create the raised garden bed.

When building the garden, remember to add rocks underneath it to improve drainage. Find topsoil and start planting your favourite vegetables and herbs. Having a raised garden bed improves the yield of your crops since it keeps insects at bay, reduces weeds and ensures the drainage is perfect. While you can buy a readymade garden bed, you should build it to save money.


Transforming your outdoor space shouldn’t be costly, and you can do most of the work with locally available materials. The above ideas will inspire you to repurpose old items and materials around your home into decorative pieces for your outdoors.