DIYing not only makes a person self-sufficient but can help you save money. Having a can-do attitude is great especially for your home if you engage in DIY projects that will give your house a facelift. Though there are a ton of projects you can do at your home without the services of a contractor, conversely, electrical projects are somewhat different.

Taking on electrical projects can be hazardous and can lead to you harming yourself, burning your house or even worse. You should consider getting the services of a professional such as an electrical contractor. John Keohane, owner of JK Services has spoken with The Big Idea to discuss some electrical projects that shouldn’t be done by DIYers. John has over 25 years of experience in this industry. Below are 5 electrical projects that are better left to the professionals.

Replacing wiring

Electrical projects should be handled professionally regardless of the complexity of the project. Electrical wiring may seem easy to some but trying to DIY this project is jeopardizing your family’s safety. Even if you are DIYer with a wealth of experience you should not try replacing wires since there are electrical codes in place. Electricians are certified professionals who need to complete apprentices and pass electrical exams.

Numerous things can go wrong during DIY wiring and they are not worth the risk. Electrical shorts are among the most common results of faulty wiring and this can cause a disastrous house fire. Electrical fires are the third leading cause of home fires and these massive losses can be prevented by seeking the services of electrical contractors rather than doing it yourself.

Replacing or repairing a circuit breaker

A circuit breaker is designed to automatically protect an electrical circuit from excessive current from either short circuit or electrical overloading. Dealing with a circuit breaker is a sure way to cause an electrical fire since there is so much that goes in a circuit breaker. When repairing a circuit breaker a single mistake can lead to power surges which might cause the entire wiring to overheat leading to a fire.

As a DIYer, you can familiarize yourself with the circuit breaker so that you can detect when it is not functioning and when it needs repair. When replacing your circuit hire a professional to do the job and all the electrical works.

Electrical Projects

Replacing burnt outlets

The majority of burnt outlets are a result of overloaded circuits and the wiring overheating. Though it might seem simple to replace outlets for experienced DIYers, it is not worth the risk. A burnt outlet is characterized by blackening, hot to the touch, and burnt. It is wise not to touch it and leave it to the professionals.

If you replace the problem without addressing the electrical problem, it will be bound to happen again. An electrician can accurately and effectively diagnose the problem.

Installing dedicated circuits

Dedicated circuits ensure that your appliances do not use too much electrical current which in turn ensures your wiring does not overheat and fuses are broken. This makes dedicated circuits a vital component for any home. Among the heavy-duty appliances that need to be connected to a proper dedicated circuit are refrigerators, dishwashers, cookers, etc. If you find that your home is short of a dedicated circuit you might be tempted to try and install one so that you can set up your appliance.

Experience in outlet installation and sufficient knowledge in wiring is what is required for a successful installation. If you go ahead and do the installation yourself, you are running the risk of blowing your appliances. Hire a professional to do.

Installing new switches

Replacing damaged switches or upgrading to a completely different type of switch is easy for an experienced DIYer and you may be able to do it. However, installing a new switch can be complicated and it should only be left for a licensed electrician. Attempting to DIY this electrical project yourself allows no room for a single mistake.

Therefore, you should avoid installing a new switch at all costs. A licensed and professional electrician can install a new switch much more effectively and safely without posing risks such as electrical fires for your home.

Final thoughts

There are electrical projects that can increase the value of your property and the above projects are a no-go zone. Safety First! There is no need to compromise your safety or home. Complications may not arise right away and could occur a couple of months after completing a job. Don’t take the chance. Be safe by hiring a qualified and certified professional.