Giving your bedroom an inexpensive makeover can add style to your home. It can also make your most private space the perfect place to relax. You don’t have to spend a fortune on creating a harmonious bedroom that oozes with elegant sophistication. Aaron Donovan of AD Services is an expert at sprucing up bedrooms to reflect the individual characters of their occupants.

Aaron has been an independent building contractor for ten years and often remodels bedrooms you’d love to incorporate into your own home. With more than twenty years of experience in the construction industry, Aaron has plenty of tips for redesigning your bedroom when you must keep to a budget.

Space and Harmony

There’s nothing worse than a bedroom that’s cramped. It’s difficult squeezing between furniture and makes you feel irritated rather than relaxed. According to Feng Shui principles, your bedroom needs to be as spacious as possible to create a sense of peace and harmony. If your bedroom is next to a box room consider having the connecting wall removed.

It’s a quick and easy job when an expert does it for you. It’s surprising how adding those extra few feet can make all the difference to your available space. It allows you more room to place your bed where you can move around it easily. You can even include an additional item of furniture such as a comfy chair.

Declutter Your Bedroom

Being surrounded by clutter you’ve gathered from long ago can be intrusive. It can be difficult to relax or sleep when you have relics from your past glaring at you from every angle. Dispose of old electrical equipment such as hair straighteners or broken alarm clocks. If you like a few books around, ask a handyman (or woman) to install a stylish bookshelf.

Out of favour clothes should be sent to the nearest charity shop. But the best remedy can be to install a fitted wardrobe. It can be made to measure across an alcove or recess. Sliding doors keep your available space uncluttered. A bespoke storage unit may sound expensive, but it can be very cost-effective when compared to a free-standing wardrobe. It always makes your bedroom look stylishly elegant and clutter-free.

Make the most of Your Windows

A bedroom that has plenty of natural daylight streaming in is much more cheerful. Check the condition and style of your bedroom window. There’s a chance it could be improved to allow in more light and invigorating fresh air. A window that has a single fixed pane at the bottom and only a slim opening at the top is restrictive in many ways. You can easily have it exchanged for one with side openings that are ideal for freshening the room. A double sash window is perfect for drawing in the fresh air at the lower pane while extracting stale air through the top.

Weigh up the cost against years of buying artificial, chemical air fresheners and choose nature every time. If your window’s fine, choose a new window covering. Vertical blinds are sleek, versatile and adaptable. Voile curtains are semi-transparent. They let the light in while maintaining privacy. They are also available in embroidered designs and colours to tone or contrast with your bedroom decor.

Bedroom redesign

Change Your Flooring

If you enlarge or declutter your bedroom, think about new flooring. You can make your bedroom appear more spacious with the right choice of floor. Installing wooden flooring is still very much in vogue. It’s sophisticated, easy to clean and lasts for decades. An important factor is its hygienic.

Timber also absorbs warmth and provides optimal thermal and noise insulation. Engineered wood is less expensive than solid timber and looks just as stylish. However, if your budget won’t stretch to wooden flooring, choose floor tiles or high-quality vinyl.

Both materials are inexpensive and quite easy to install. They also have hygienic qualities. But take care to choose a soothing, uncluttered design. An imitation of wood is ideal or a simple marble design in pastel, neutral shade will provide plenty of versatile wear for many years to come.

Budget-Friendly Designer Bed

Of course, the focal point of your bedroom is the bed. Antique, Victorian brass bedsteads look amazingly romantic when teamed with lace-trimmed luxury duvets. But you don’t have to buy an authentic frame. Many inexpensive, metal bedsteads can easily be fitted together in a few hours. An alternative could be an ultra-modern, low design with an integral, surrounding plinth.

Some of these can be expensive, but with a bit of help from a building contractor, you can have a made to measure version at a fraction of the cost. You can give your existing bed a completely new look by choosing decorative bedding. Increase its comfort by adding a mattress topper.


Redesigning your bedroom can include structural work, new storage or simply a change of soft furnishings and wallpaper. Arrange your furniture and bedside lamps so they are balanced. The golden rule to making your bedroom a place of privacy and harmony is to concentrate on making it feel spacious, streamlined and uncluttered. Choose restful colours and discreet patterns for bedding or flooring for your perfectly designed bedroom.