Welcome, Spring!

Don’t we love the bright greens, pinks, yellows, purples, and blues of Nature this season? Yeah, yeah, pollen is a pain for some. But hey, spring will always be a special season. Now, it is also the time to dust and clean the house, get rid of the cobwebs, and throw away the junk. It’s time to air the house and let the fresh breeze fill your home with the lovely scent of spring.

Things don’t end here, of course. What do you of giving your home a little makeover? Be it a simple wall décor or cute showpieces, let something colourful add warmth to your home the way spring does to Nature. You can use the bounty from your garden for a natural look.

Bird Houses

You can never go wrong with these, right? Birds will be up and flying around, enjoying the season as much as other living beings on earth. Why not build them cute little houses and hang them on the porch or in the garden? You need some pieces of wood, glue, and paint. Make friends with birds this spring.

Mix and Match Paper Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t limited to winters. You can make paper wreaths in different designs and sizes and decorate a wall in the living room. You don’t need to raid the craft store either. Instead of throwing away the old novels or magazines, tear out the pages and dye them in your favourite colours. Then create the wreaths and take these to the wall. You can either a single piece in the centre or a bunch of smaller wreaths arranged in a pattern of your choice.

Spring Home Decorative DIY Ideas

Floral Chandeliers

Chandeliers in glass and crystal are common. Why not try the floral version. Your home would be filled with the lovely scent of spring blooms. Ah! We can already imagine it. If you have a party at home, the floral chandelier can be the centrepiece. It would be classy, attractive, and understated.

Spring Wallpaper

We hope you haven’t thrown away the empty seed covers after planting the seeds. All those gardening magazines you’ve been hoarding are also useful. But what are we going to do? Simple. We are going to use these empty covers and glossy paper cuttings to design wallpaper for your room. If your room is already full, try the boring bathroom wall. Arrange the cuttings and glue them to the wall. You’ll feel fresh and energetic in the morning when you look at the cheerful wallpaper.

DIY Holographic Vase

We do want to follow some trends, don’t we? Well, here you go then. Instead of buying the famous holographic vase, you’ll be making it at home. Yep. You can paint it in soft pastels to get the suit the spring theme. Place a bunch of fresh roses, peonies, or tulips in the vase to bring a contrast in the colours.

Tulips in the House

The mention of these dainty flowers gave us more ideas. We’ve got two ways to bring tulips into your home. The first is to create a mini flower bed on a tray and bring it inside. Place it on the window-sill of your bedroom or on the dressing table.

However, if mud and cleaning are a problem, go for the artwork option. This is super easy. Just paint different tulips on paper, frame them, and hang it on the wall. Viola! You can also create paper tulips and place them in a vase. These will last for a long time. *wink*

Succulents and Painted Flowerpots

Give the old flowerpots a new look by painting them in creative ways. Try to master the marble texture by seamlessly blending two colours. Or create a design or pattern after painting the flowerpot with your favourite colours. Buy a couple of succulents to add more greenery to your indoors. These cute little plants don’t need much maintenance and will survive in most homes.

Floral Wall Clock

This one may or may not work on its own, but it sure is going to look beautiful. All you need is fresh branches and some flowers. Your clock can be in any shape too. Why limit our imagination and creativity, right? You can take out the machine from an old clock and tape it to the wall to complete the floral clock. Don’t forget to cover the metal bits with tiny flowers. You can use the hands of the same old clock by covering them with chart paper.


Though we have come to the end of our list, there are a lot more spring DIY ideas for you to try. Give your home a spring makeover using what you already have. Let flowers and greens fill your home with colours, love, and laughter.