Hey, Nature lovers, do you have a garden at home? Yeah, we know it is not the easiest thing to maintain, and despite our love for greenery and flowers, some of us just don’t have the knack for keeping a plant alive. Sigh!

That’s okay, you know. You can, however, go ahead and give it another shot. Designing your dream garden is a good way to start working towards having some colourful plants and blooms at your place. Whether you barely have any place or have too much of it, a garden is a must in every home.

We’ve compiled a dozen creative gardening ideas for you to try. We’ve tried to include some variety with more focus on smaller gardens.

Amazing creative gardening design ideas

1.     Planter Stand Made of Wood and Metal

A planter stand made of local repurposed wood and metal is ideal for gardens of all sizes. You can easily move the planter stand from one area of the house to another and plant fresh blooming flowers to bring some colour to your home. Build a couple of them to side on either side of your door.

2.     Herb Garden Staircase

Vertical gardens are becoming popular due to space constraints. You can set up a herb garden for your kitchen using the staircase model. Each step has a different herb planted in small troughs. Paint each step in different shades if you want to brighten up space.

3.     Hanging Recycled Plastic Planters

What do you do with old plastic bottles? Cut the top of the bottle, make two holes on the sides, and loop a macramé thread. Fill the bottle with mud and plant your favourite flowers or creepers. Hang them on the wall or on an abandoned clothesline. You can tie a new line to hang your cute little pots.

4.     Splashes of Colours

Bring more colours to your outdoor garden. This can be done by painting the flowerpots, planting new blooms, and bringing a chair or two from inside. Even a cushion in an attractive case will cheer up the place. Lining seashells on the borders can highlight the contrast between the mud and the shells.

5.     Highs and Lows

If you want every plant in your garden to be visible, you’ll need to rearrange the entire place to create an uneven ground. Place the smaller shrubs and plants on a higher step so that they can be easily seen. Plan the layout first so that the highs and lows in the garden appear natural and authentic.

6.     Wall-Mounted Garden

As we’ve mentioned before, wall-mounted gardens are vertical gardens suitable for homes with limited space. Build a shelf on the wall and line up your little pots on it. You can even dedicate an entire wall to the garden.

12 Creative Gardening Design Ideas

7.     Pallet Planter

If you have wood planks lying around, build a pallet and paint it in bright colours. Hammer a metal loop and set up your pots in them. Arrange the pallet against a wall or a fence and secure it. That’s it. Your pallet garden is ready.

8.     Wheelbarrow Garden

What if you have absolutely no space in your home to plant a garden? Maybe you can fit at least one wheelbarrow somewhere? Yes? Perfect. Turn that into a garden. Fill it up with mud and plant creepers and tiny flowering plants. You can even set up a small fairy house on it.

9.     Recycled Gutter Pipes for Garden

Gutter pipes make good planters too, and we aren’t kidding. Of course, you’ll need plants with smaller roots. Maybe succulents and a couple of herbs then? Nail the gutter pipe to the fence or place it in a corner.

10. Merge Indoors and Outdoors

The indoors and outdoors of your home need not be two separate entities. Extend and merge them in the front yard and backyard. Utilise the backyard as an outdoor living room. Convert the garden space into a small relaxation corner. Set up a table or a swing and fairy lights.

11. Mirrors and Painted Walls

The easiest way to make your garden appear bigger than its size is by strategically placing the mirrors to reflect the greenery. Paint a portion of the wall in a bright and attractive colour to highlight your garden.

12.Box Planters

There’s a lot you can do with box planters. Use them indoors and outdoors. Buy new boxes or reuse the old ones. The size, shape, and design are your choice. Paint them or leave them in the original shade. Place one on the top of another or on the side. Let your imagination fly.


Your gardens are a place for you to be creative and happy. They should be your Zen zone and rejuvenate your senses. Try any of the above-mentioned ideas or combine them and create your own.