Renting has a lot going for it. It gives you the freedom to move around without the commitment of a mortgage and you don’t need to worry about unexpected and costly repair bills. The roof falls in? Yes, it’s inconvenient but at least you won’t have to pay for it yourself.

On the downside, your budget may mean your rental property may not be as swish as you’d like and you’re stuck with magnolia woodchip on the walls you have a sneaking suspicion has been there since the 70s. 

You may be unlucky enough to not only be stuck with magnolia woodchip but you may even have an avocado bath suite to go with it. There’s not much you can do about that but there are plenty of ways you can liven up your rental property without breaching your tenancy agreement and upsetting your landlord. 

Command Strips

If you’re lucky enough to be renting a well-maintained property, there’s a good chance your landlord renovated it before you moved in. If so, they’re definitely not going to want you banging nails and leaving holes into their beautiful, freshly painted walls, so if you want to put pictures or other wall-hangings up but you want see your deposit again when you move, put the hammer and nails down and invest in some Command Strips or cheaper alternative (Wilko’s do them). 

These sticky strips come in different sizes, so whether you want to put up a couple of small prints or a heavy mirror, you can do so without damaging the walls or your relationship with your landlord.

5 Landlord-friendly Decorating Tips


Knobs and handles

Handles and knobs on cupboard and cabinet doors can be a tad generic and uninspiring. The good news is you don’t have to live with them and they’re probably the simplest and easiest way to update doors to your taste. The extra good news is they’re easy to swap – if you have a screwdriver, you can have new knobs (stop giggling at the back) for the duration of your tenancy and you can put the old ones back on when you leave. 

Rugs, cushions and other soft furnishings

Rugs and cushions can hide a multitude of rental property sins. Dodgy lino in the bathroom? Cover it with a rug. A carpet in the living room you’re too ashamed to let your friends see? Cover it with a big rug. A moth-eaten sofa that squeaks when you sit on it? Cover it with so many cushions and throws that you can no longer even see it, let alone hear it squeak. 

Radiator covers 

Personally, I don’t have a problem with radiators. But there are people out there who are fussy about their radiators and if you’re one of them and the ones in your rental property aren’t to your liking, you can cover them up with a radiator cover. 

Radiator covers also have the added bonus of acting as shelves, so you can further personalise your space by placing photos, plants and other paraphernalia on top of them. 

Ask your landlord if you can decorate

Well, this is a radical idea but have you actually thought about asking your landlord if you can decorate their property? The worst that will happen is they’ll say no but they can’t throw you out for asking and they may well be delighted to have their property decorated as long as you agree colours, etc., first. 

As you can see, even if your rental property isn’t quite the home of your dreams, there are plenty of ways you can put your stamp on it without risking your deposit.