We get it. You’ve got a small kitchen and you’re Googling for ways to update it and you’re inundated with photos of beautiful and immaculate huge kitchens you could fit your entire house in. 

If you had the money to buy a house with those sorts of kitchens, you wouldn’t be looking for ways to update your small kitchen on a small budget in the first place, right? No, you’d be updating your kitchen with brand new units, and a fancy granite worktop from Topsco.

But even small kitchens are expensive to replace, so here are five ways to update a small kitchen on a small budget. 

Replace the doors

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a bit dated, replacing just the doors is a far cheaper alternative than replacing the entire unit. It’s a lot less hassle, too, as you only need to take off the doors, not rip everything out which could result in damage to the walls, meaning costly repairs that will further deplete your bank balance. 

Paint the doors

If new doors are still beyond your means (because, let’s face it, even just buying doors isn’t an exercise in living cheaply), you can paint the existing doors instead. 

Before you get the paint and brushes out though, you need to prepare the doors properly, otherwise they’re going to look shabby and amateurish. While you may not mind shabby and amateurish, if you ever come to sell your home, it might put off potential buyers. 

So, get the sander out and make the doors clean and smooth before getting to the fun bit. You can even paint laminate doors, just make sure you prepare them properly too. 

Replace the handles

Now you have gorgeous new doors – whether because you painted them or bought new ones, stamp your own personality on them with new handles, not the generic ones they came with. There are thousands of door handles out there in a wide variety of styles to suit every budget. If you’re feeling creative, you could even buy plain white ones and paint them yourself to add a unique touch. 

Lay the lino

A new floor will dramatically change the feel of your kitchen and immediately freshen it up. A new floor may sound expensive but lino is cheap, doesn’t take long to install and comes in all styles, colours and budgets. 

New pots and pans

If your kitchen is really small, your pots and pans might not be tidily tucked away but out in plain sight. Also, if you’re a keen cook, your pots and pans might reflect your love of cooking and not be as immaculate as they were when you first bought them. 

Bearing this in mind, buy a new set in a bright colour and get rid of the greasy ones that are bringing the vibe of your kitchen down. 

So, there you go. Put down Google with its never-ending photos of kitchens that only make you jealous and use these tips to brighten up your existing small kitchen without going bankrupt.