If you’re the type of person that likes to dig your hands into the dirt, here is a list of some simple and doable garden DIY ideas and changes.

Getting your hands dirty in the garden can be such a satisfying feeling. You don’t need to spend loads of money just to enjoy working outdoors; there are plenty of do it yourself projects you can tackle on your own time. We’ve put together a list of quick, easy diy ideas that will spruce up any home garden.

Garden DIY ideas are a perfect option for you if you’re not keen on spending a lot of time in and around the flower beds, but want to freshen up your space.

So, without further ado, here’s our list fun lovin’ garden DIY ideas.

Wall Sconces (downlighters)

The Diy wall sconces above the fireplace: This looks so cool. And it’s quite easy to do. All you need is a good bit of black paint and a couple of decorative stencils. You can find stencils all over Pinterest or craft stores.

To get the look for your walls, you’re going to have to be very precise with your painting, especially if you are going to use red paint as I did here because red will bleed into other colours as it washes out. I even painted a couple of lines and circles on the stencil to give it an old-fashioned look. Then, just hang your sconces and you’re done!

Garden DIY ideas

Wooden pallet garden bed

These are very popular right now and can be found everywhere because people are always interested in repurposing every last bit of wood they can get their hands on. You can find them at local thrift stores, home improvement stores or even at a second-hand store.

Just make sure that it is made of wood (not PVC or plastic). You are going to need a tool for this project and that is a shovel. Also, you might want to invest in some more pallets so you won’t have to buy wood from the store all the time. To start building, break down your pallets and measure out how big you want your bed to be. To make it more interesting on the inside, add some bricks or pebbles in various sizes and shapes like hearts, stars or any other fun shapes.

Garden shed

Here’s a fun way to change up an old garden shed and add some character. I have a great DIY post on how to build these so be sure to check it out. To make this garden shed, you are going to want to build 3 walls that will fit together like an igloo. You start by building the outside wall first by nailing some 2×4’s to the floor of your yard.

Then you need to build the middle section which will be straight across. I built mine from 2×4’s. Then you need to build the inside wall. I did mine with 2×2 wood and used all the extra wood I had lying around for this one.

The last section is going to be a roof so you need to build this straight across the top of the middle section that you just built. Make sure that when you nail your 2×4’s into these walls it is straight across because if it angles up or down, they will not fit together properly. After that, you need to add a doorway into the middle section which I did with three 2×4’s and added two pieces of wood to give it an arch.

Then I measured for the roof by measuring from the inside of the top of one sidewall to the inside of the other. This gave me a perfect measurement so all I had to do was add another piece of wood across each side and nail it in place. The last thing you need to do is put on the front and back walls which are 2×2’s nailed into place.

Garden storage

If you need more room for your garden tools or just want to add some storage, you can knock down a fence and build some shelves. You can make them out of pallets, boards, lumber or even thick plywood. You could also build these with the same colours you are painting with on the shed itself which would give it a more finished look. I built mine out of pallets and 2×4’s.

To make the shelves, I just nailed them together and added some decorative wood to cover the nail holes. Then I added a coat of white paint to give it a nice finish. You could even add a few hooks on your wall for hanging some garden tools like shears or rakes.

Garden bed

You can simply put some stone around the top of your garden bed for extra decoration. You can even add some decorative plants for a work in progress look.

Garden entryway

Here’s another fun way to spruce up your front door with character. I built mine out of cedarwood and painted it a nice black colour.

Garden Swing

garden swing

When I was little, my grandparents had a beautiful garden swing. It was the perfect place place to spend summer nights, readign my books while swinging gently in the breeze.

It still brings such happy mememories I wanted to share that joy with my kids too.

Sure, there are plenty of pre-made options out there that look great that you simply hang yourself, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of the things I’ve made. So I’ve just put one together using a bench with a strong support frame, and a strong chain.

Lawn Garden DIY ideas

One obvious suggestion for the part-time gardener or busy person is the use of artificial grass. This is something I am considering for the children as it’s actually cheaper in the long run than using lawn care companies.

Artificial grass is much more durable for heavy use, better for withstanding wear and tear. It does not dry out or go patchy, and is weather-proof. No weeds to worry about and no more mowing the lawn every week. Sounds bliss to me.