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Coming back from a Diversity workshop, there were people on the train in their own little world, either on the phone or computer. They wanted space  mentally and physically by taking up two seats in order to use their computer, or just by having earphones on either listening to music or talking to people or on Facebook. it’s their way of saying, “Leave me alone I want my space”.

That’s society today, we’re so busy that sometimes we don’t want to make conversation and we don’t have to make the facial expressions, so people don’t know how we really are.

Meaningful relationships can be difficult to distinguish in the real world and those that have been made through social media. This has been identified in an article written by Small .

There are people who are housebound, who are disabled and it is a lifeline for them. Skype helps with that problem and they find it a great benefit, as loneliness is helped by being able to communicate. okay there are other ways like making a phone call, but Skype helps as it takes the individual into another persons life. There are times when people don’t see anyone for ages.

Interaction is important to sustain meaningful relationships with other individuals. .

I was reading in the Daily Mail 17th October of a gentleman, called Bob Lowe who had lost his wife, soulmate of 65 years of marriage. Imagine how they must feel if they have been brought up in an era of little technology. It is important for those who live alone or who are disabled to have the knowledge and access to technology so they don’t feel isolated.

Technology can be awe inspiring today, for those who are learning to use it, it breaks down barriers of loneliness, for those who have loved ones and for individuals who are not able to get out much because of their disabilities.

So spare a thought for these people, when you get annoyed with your fellow travellers, who are forever on their phones or computer, there may be people who don’t have access or the ability to use today’s technology.

An example of someone who has been able to do this, is a lady who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, who helps a local wildlife trust via the internet and recording what wildlife is still in the area

August 6th 2014  had an article about how thousands of elderly people will feel cut off from government services, shops, banks and utility companies, as they prefer to conduct their business on the internet, because it is cheaper and more accessible to the general public as a whole, this then brings isolation to the elderly. This because the older generation are not use to giving out their details in such length and are in fear of their own security  .

Tessa, who is a friend of mine does the shopping for her elderly parents online, so they could remain independent.

Has technology become so advanced, that it doesn’t help those who live alone?

There is a need for it to be accessible and affordable for these individuals and the knowledge of how the security works in this setup.

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Jenny Yerworth
My name is Jenny Yerworth I am currently unemployed at the moment, but I do voluntary work at a local care home which I enjoy. It is a privilege to talk to the residents as they have so knowledge to give. I love talking to people and building good friendships with individuals. I love to travel and just recently we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and a fantastic holiday in Canada and Alaska. I also enjoy reading and writing, the writing has developed over the past year.

2 thoughts on “My views: Social Media Today

  1. Anne Berg

    I thoroughly agree Jenny, that people are often isolated for a variety of reasons. As president of our Senior Citizens club, I am aware of the lack of technology among the elderly. Most don’t have a mobile phone, let alone a computer. For many of our members, the club provides their only weekly outings and inter-social connections with their friends.

  2. Jenny

    Thank you Anne for your comment. It is important for the older generation not to feel isolated from society today, by technology and help and patience is needed to do that


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