Meet the Resourcing Team at RWE npower!

Meet the Resourcing Team

We’re very proud of our npower Resourcing Team. Formed at the end of 2011, it was set up to optimise the way that we brought people into the company. Previously, we’d been relying on recruitment agencies but we realised we could be more efficient if we built a brand new careers website and invested in our own internal recruitment team. This became our Resourcing Team. Since the launch two years ago, the team have proved their value time and again, both in monetary terms and overall quality of the hiring process. Being on site means that they have a real understanding of all the various job requirements so they can be far more proactive and agile.

They’ve introduced a new system to review how the interview process works. Whilst some companies ask their staff how they found the interview process, the team go one step further and send a survey to everyone interviewed, regardless of whether they got the job or not. This is part of The Good Recruitment Campaign with The Recruitment and Employment Confederation – npower is the only energy company signed up with them. The survey is a great way of gauging how satisfied candidates were with the interview process; last month the score was 89% and it’s been steadily rising month by month. This shows how much thought the team puts into the overall recruitment process and it’s great to see that recognised through the survey.

So who makes up this team? Let us introduce you…

First up there’s Catherine Wright, who joined the npower family with great recruitment experience in the energy industry and was the first member of the new resourcing team. Catherine works in Generation and Industry & Commerce which means that she recruits for a whole host of positions across the UK and engages with some really interesting and experienced candidates. She’s also a qualified ballroom dancer so she gave folks from Strictly Come Dancing a run for their money when they came to visit! She was joined by Gillian Hudson, who started in 2012 and has worked across a number of different accounts. Gillian is currently managing the resourcing activity for Energy Services and Functions. This involves delivering the most cost-effective results via direct permanent solutions and she works hard to create strong working relationships.

Catrina Wilson joined the team in 2013 and works on Domestic Retail Business, bringing with her eight years of recruitment experience in a leading international PLC. She is currently concentrating on forging partnerships with key stakeholders in order to have a deeper understanding of their business areas; this is to ensure that she is best equipped to search for the best prospective candidates in the market.

Working in Sales Portfolio Management (SPM) as well as Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) is Adrian Wightman who also has 8 years’ recruitment experience. Since joining npower in 2013 he has been spending his time on the strategy and facilitating of all permanent recruitment within SPM and SME business functions.

Zoe Kennedy works on our contractor recruitment and has been responsible for advising on the facilitation on all contractors coming into to npower. She’s also been working on updating and simplifying the contractor renewal process and updating the resourcing intranet pages to make sure they’re as effective as a possible. Hannah Cockerill has nearly a decade of experience in recruitment within in the Energy Sector and, since joining npower in April 2012, has been responsible for the strategy and facilitation of all contractor resourcing. She now works specifically for the Smart Programme as well as identifying how to improve the standard and number of candidates applying to work with us. Zoe and Hannah both work with Alison Fayer, an experienced recruiter who concentrates in Domestic Retail Business by working on non-volume vacancies for our call centres in the north of England.

The team was joined in April 2014 by Aaron Palmer, a recruiter with 10 years of experience in some of the UK’s leading agencies. He works as a Resourcing Specialist partnering the Domestic Retail Business across the North East and Leeds. And last but not least, we have Rob Gerrard and Andrea Gration who have moved into the team recently. They both look after the recruitment for our energy services part of the business including all our meter readers, meter fixers and our boiler and gas engineers.

The team is headed up by Mark Bass who joined npower in 2012 and is a recruitment specialist. He supported all aspects of the business by supporting high quality hires and is, understandably, very proud of his team. Together they form the real core of our resourcing team. 98% of external placements were made through recruitment agencies before this team was created. 80% of all placements are now made directly which really shows how important their work is.

So, if you’re looking to come and work at npower it’s likely that at some point you’ll come into contact with one of them!

Why not take a look at the roles that we currently have available across the country here?

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