Manchester United hire first wheelchair enabled coach – who could be the next Sir Alex Ferguson

Manchester United have hired the world’s first wheelchair enabled football coach – who fancies himself as the next Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sohail Rehman, from Keighley in Yorkshire, became the first ever wheelchair trainer to coach able-bodied footballers last year after gaining his badges.

And after a stint working in Sunday league football, United have now snapped him up to work with their young players of the future.

Stars such as David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes have all graduated through the ranks at Old Trafford, and now 22-year-old Sohail will now use his skills to help find the next big superstar.

He’s not stopping there though, having told the local media that he is hoping to secure a top managerial job in the future – with Fergie said to be a role model.

Remember the name!

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Jamie Sanderson

2 thoughts on “Manchester United hire first wheelchair enabled coach – who could be the next Sir Alex Ferguson

  1. Rosalind

    Interesting story but it’s really not OK to call someone wheelchair-bound as it’s disablist. A good guide to Non-disablist language can be found at

    1. Czarina Mangilinan

      Hello Rosalind, Thank you for your comment and getting the discussion going about terminology. Inclusive communications is such an important point and the link you provided has helped to raise awareness. The essence and intention of the article was meant to inspire so glad you found it interesting. Please do continue to read and comment on our articles, to keep the discussion of inclusion going.


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