Department of Energy and Climate Change: People Profiles

DECC staff profiles means that you can learn a little more about what it’s like to work for the organisation, and get a feel for what life is like day to day.

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Name: Joanna
Joined: 2008 (at the creation of DECC)
Job Title: Team Lead (G7), The Energy Efficiency Strategy

What you like about working at DECC?
Whether keeping the lights on, reducing the impact of rising energy prices or limiting the extent of climate change, those working in DECC are tackling problems that are equality significant to individuals now as they are to future generations. DECC employees are dedicated to these issues, resulting in a focussed, supportive and friendly atmosphere.

The range of challenges for the Department also makes for a varied and interesting career. I have had the opportunity to work as a Private Secretary, contribute to the evolution of the Gas and Electricity markets and lead on the recent Energy Efficiency Strategy.

As part of the Energy Efficiency Deployment Office (EEDO) I had the opportunity to lead on the development of the UK’s Energy Efficiency Strategy, which was published in November 2012. This involved working closely with Ministers and teams across DECC and wider Government.

This responsibility was an eye opening experience, pushing my organisational and analytical skills to the limit, exposing me to new and interesting policies and significantly developing my understanding of the strategic energy problems that we face, both as a country and globally. It is the sort of unique and rewarding experience that can only be found working in Whitehall.

The work is fast paced, varied and educational every day. I originally came from academia to find a job that would make an impact and would allow me to meet and collaborate with a diverse range of people. DECC certainly delivers!

DECC also provides significant opportunity for career progression, either in house or in the wider energy and carbon reduction sectors. The range of job possibilities in the Department allows you to focus on making a difference in areas of particular interest. Once an atmospheric chemist, with a particular interest in the impact of climate change, I have now been central to developing the UK’s Energy Efficiency Strategy, setting out a key element of how we will rise to the challenge.

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The Department for Energy and Climate Change is a small department, with a big mission. Our vision is of a thriving, globally competitive, low carbon energy economy. The Department tackles twin challenges. We investigate ways to keep the nation’s energy flowing, while protecting the global environment.

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