Barclays: The 8 big questions you should ask at an interview

Every role is different, and we tend to base interviews on whether your competencies mean you’d be a good match for it.  Of course, you get to ask questions too, as this should always be a two-way process. It’ll depend on the interview and the role itself whether these would all be the right things for you to ask, but one or two of the questions below could get the ball rolling for you and help you think of some of your own.

Ask what you’re genuinely interested in

Sometimes people ask interviewers what they think the interviewers want to hear. We find it’s best to be genuine. One thing you can think about is what other candidates will have asked. If you can ask something different, that’s great.

Ask about the most enjoyable and the least enjoyable aspects of the role

Questions about the job itself are always good as it shows motivation, and this would tell an interviewer that you’re up for a challenge too. They’ll expect you to have read up about the role and the competencies, but this is a way to find out what the interviewer thinks. They might turn out to be your line manager in the future, so you’ll have their opinion up front.

Ask about a typical day in this role

This is a way to find out how much time you’ll be spending, say, with customers, and how much is spent on meetings, admin and other tasks. Not many roles have a typical day as such but the interviewer will be able to let you know more about the kinds of things you’ll be involved in.

Ask about the training and support

This shows that you want to learn – for the role you’re interviewing for and further along the line. We place a lot of emphasis on training and developing people so this is always a good one to ask.

Ask where the role fits into the organisation or the wider team

The answer to this question will help you understand more about the role and what the team or part of the organisation does. It shows the interviewer you want to know how your contribution is going to affect the wider business area.

Ask why the interviewer likes working there

Everyone likes talking about themselves, interviewers included! This will be their chance to tell you what they enjoy about their role. If they’re going to be your line manager in future, their answers will give you insight into their management style too.

Ask about the culture

This shows that you want to know what to expect from the working environment and how best to fit into the team. It also tells us that you’re keen for your behaviours to match up to those expected within your business area.

Ask about our values

Our values are really important to us – we live and breathe them. You’ll need to know more about them so you can decide if they’re aligned with your own personal values.

Interviews are designed to be conversations so that you can get to know us better and vice versa. And to get that interview, start by looking for a job at Barclays.

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One thought on “Barclays: The 8 big questions you should ask at an interview

  1. Anita Littlewood

    1 hope in the newyear to have an interview at Barclays SO 1 am going touse this information.Values and length of service to interviewer are my top 2 Questions


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