Age Network

What are Age Networks?

An age network is an internal networking group that is set up by employees or the HR or Diversity & Inclusion Lead who wish to facilitate networking opportunities for older employees. Some age networks might be specifically targeted at career development opportunities for older workers; other networks might incorporate employees of all ages, where the organisation is looking at demographic changes in the wider industry sector and ensuring that opportunities to personal career development are not age dependent. Often age networks will be informal in nature, with ad-hoc meetings and events and an informal membership structure. Some larger employers may offer a more structured age network, which has a formal budget and presence on the intranet. Many larger employers have diversity & inclusion champions and the age network might have senior sponsorship from an age champion at board level.

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2 thoughts on “Age Network

  1. jo59

    Over my career I have never had a problem getting work and now after 13 years with my current employer and not happy there anymore and as I don’t want to spend the rest of my working career with this organisation I am looking for new employment. I have been trying for over a year now and I feel it’s because of my age now as I am 57 and I never get any replies yet I have 40 years of experience as a typist/ administrator. I am not looking to retire early and will work as long as I am able. I’m so disheartened at the moment.


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