A Day in the Life of HR Business Admin at DfT

Department for Transport: HR Business Administrator – A day in the Life 

There’s no such thing as a typical day for a role as varied as this one, but one thing happens every single day – you choose where you want to sit.  We hot desk here at DfT so people just sit wherever they like each day, within the area allocated to HR, and you get a locker to keep your belongings.  Best to get in early if you want the window seat!

You’ll be the secretariat for the Group People Committee, so if there’s a meeting coming up you’ll definitely spend a lot of time preparing for it.  That’ll involve discussing the agenda with our Divisional Director, chasing up papers from people who are presenting, making sure we’ve got a room booked, and sending out papers to attendees.

You’ll also be supporting our three team members on the work they’re doing, so some of the day will be spent working with them.  You might be attending meetings with them to take notes, collating information that’s sent in from our stakeholders, preparing correspondence to go out or putting together a spreadsheet of data.

We meet every week as a team so you’ll come to our team meetings where we talk about what we’re all up to and any problems we’re facing.  We quite often talk these over between us and we can usually come to a solution.  People just say whatever idea they’ve got and then we talk about how it can work.  We tend to have a good laugh at these meetings as well!

Whatever you end up doing on your not-so-typical day, you can be sure of the support of your team and your line manager, and you’re unlikely to end up doing the same thing from one day to the next.

Are you interested in applying for the HR Business Administrator role with Department for Transport? Please click here to apply now! 

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